When Paradise Beckons, You Move to Hawaii

A couple of weeks ago, while snow quietly blanketed the land outside our windows, my partner Qayyum and I huddled in front of my laptop for a zoom call with Joel & Michelle Levey. The Leveys were my first meditation teachers, longtime advisers to the Art Monastery, and are some of the kindest and wisest people I have ever known. While palm trees swayed in the reflection of the window behind them like some kind of stereotypical joke, the Leveys offered Qayyum and me a shared position as caretenders of their 18 acres on the Big Island of Hawaii (pictured below).



I know, right?

I’m just a tad beside myself! Qayyum (who was Head Farmer at Green Gulch Farm for seven years) will care for the land and grow food while I manage the 3+ guest cabins.

This will leave plenty of time for learning the history & landscape of such a remarkable place, painting, foraging for new natural inks, and offering online retreats and courses as part of the Art Monastery. (Speaking of which, save the dates June 25-27 for HeartMind: Zen & Art online!)

After a long and deeply challenging year, I am so grateful to feel the relief of being genuinely excited about something! What a gift on so many levels.

Whenever possible, say yes to the universe. And please come and visit me once that feels like a reasonable thing to do. 



As you might imagine, I’m embarking on a process of cleaning out and letting go as I attempt to pare down my life to fit in a pair of suitcases. My paintings are not outside of that slimming down! I spent an epic day in the studio just yesterday loading up my site with oh-so-many works, large and small (check out the Recently Added section).

Stay tuned for a forthcoming moving sale!